Long-Term Effects of Wild fire on Ecosystem Properties Across an Island Area Gradient

Boreal forest soils play an important role in the global carbon cycle by functioning as a large terrestrial carbon sink or source, and the alteration of fire regime through global change phenomena may influence this role. In this study a system of forested lake islands in the boreal zone of Sweden for which fire frequency increases with increasing island size was investigated for evidence of environmental factors being influenced by fire frequency.

Wardle, D.A.; Hörnberg, G.; Zackrisson, O.; Kalela-Brundin, M.; Coomes, D.A.

Disturbances prevent stem size-density distributions in natural forests from following scaling relationships

Enquist and Niklas propose that trees in natural forests have invariant size-density distributions (SDDs) that scale as a -2 power of stem diameter, although early studies described such distributions using negative exponential functions. Using New Zealand and ‘global’ data sets, we demonstrate that neither type of function accurately describes the SDD over the entire diameter range.
Coomes, D.A.; Duncan, R.P.; Allen, R.B.; Truscott, J.

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