A greater range of shade-tolerance niches in nutrient-rich forests: an explanation for positive richness–productivity relationships?

Investigating if a wider range of growth rates and shade tolerances are found on nutrient-rich soils, because such soils not only support fast-growing species with high metabolic rates, but also species capable of tolerating the very deep shade cast by forest canopies growing where nutrients are plentiful.

Coomes, D.A.; Kunstler, G.; Canham, C.D.; Wright, E.

Effects of size, competition and altitude on tree growth

An exploration of the factors regulating the diameter growth of 3334 trees of mountain beech growing in natural single-species forests in New Zealand. Maximum-likelihood modelling was used to quantify the influences of tree size, altitude, the basal area of taller neighbours (BL) and the basal area of all neighbours (BT) on growth.

Coomes, D.A.; Allen, R.B.

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